Tuesday, 20 October 2009


 Tennis Daily P&L26.62 Monthly P&L 25.54 
 Horses Daily P&L3.60 Monthly P&L 38.64 
  Total 64.18 

Using small stakes again today for the horses, managed to get 9 races (all green) in between being a taxi for the airport and going to work.

The Tennis went ok today as well which is good after last weeks results.

Racing UK was a bit strange today, it seemed to be just playing repeats of French and American races, not sure what that is about, so I put some music on instead.

Will hopefully get some horse trading videos sorted later in the week.


  1. All the UK racing was on ATR today, none was on RUk therefore they show features/repeats/french racing etc etc.

  2. I must think about getting ATR as well...

  3. ATR is free on sky 415, not available elsewhere

  4. Don't have sky, but it's also available on line like Racing UK